About Us

The mission of the American Action Fund is simple: establish Liberty Lighthouse States across the country as an example of what liberty-first governance can do to promote peace, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness.

These Liberty Lighthouse States will be catalysts for change that create domino effects in other states forcing surrounding states to respond to the innovation, and opportunity realized through liberty-first governance.

The American Action Fund is a $200 million fund to transform states into beacons of liberty by electing state legislators and passing liberty legislation. In a nutshell, we will grow our coalition of tenacious liberty legislators in election season and leverage those leaders along with our grassroots army to pass transformative liberty bills in the legislative season to build Liberty Lighthouse States.

I hope you will take part in this transformational effort to build liberty states and take the liberty movement to the next level in America.

—Jeff Frazee
Founder & CEO
American Action Fund

What is a Liberty Lighthouse State?

A Lighthouse State is a beacon for freedom and liberty, shining over other states as an example of what a modern-day liberty government should look like. Lighthouse States are catalysts for change that create domino effects in other states forcing them to respond to the innovative progress happening in Lighthouse States.

We measure progress to becoming a Lighthouse State through achieving transformational policy victories in the state legislature year after year.

We evaluate Lighthouse States across five major issue categories:

  • Healthcare
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Civil Liberties
  • Limited Government

American Action Fund operations will revolve around expanding liberty in target states across these categories through legislative action at the capitol. Make Liberty Win PAC and Young Americans for Liberty will help drive policy change by electing liberty candidates and growing our student grassroots army.

Our approach will focus everything around policy change. The work we and our partners do in the legislative and election season will be focused on finding the fastest route to achieving an avalanche of liberty policy victories in states we calculate to have the highest potential for transformative results.

American Action Fund is preparing to reshape the states into lighthouses of liberty. Are you ready to join that fight?